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The case involving Li Qian grows more complicated, as does the mystery surrounding Shen Wei.


The episode opens where the previous one ended, with Zhao Yunlan and Li Qian rushing to the edge of the roof to see what happened to Shen Wei. They run down to the ground level and come outside to find Shen Wei struggling out of the bushes surrounding the building with the help of a student. Shen Wei smiles and says that he is fine. Zhao Yunlan appears to be wondering how someone could fall off the roof without being injured.

In the next scene, Shen Wei is alone in his office. He has taken off his glasses and unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his shoulder, which the shadow Dixingren injured with his metal claws. Shen Wei summons dark energy into his hand and holds it to the wound, healing himself.

We cut to the interior of an unknown building. A man named Zhu Jiu is sitting at a game board, playing Chinese chess, or xiangqi. He is holding one of the wooden pieces and says that “this shadow is just a shadow.” Another man behind him says that only he can accomplish the task. Zhu Jiu tells him to proceed, adding that every day “that thing” is out of his hands, he cannot rest easily.

Zhao Yunlan walks around the university campus, wondering where he has seen Shen Wei before. When he sees Li Qian standing on the edge of the roof, like she is going to jump, Zhao Yunlan runs up to the roof and just manages to catch her. Shen Wei appears and grabs Li Qian’s other arm. Together, they pull her onto the roof. Shen Wei notices that Zhao Yunlan scraped his arm against the stone and appears concerned, but he turns his attention to Li Qian, telling her that “no one has a right to disregard life. Even your own.” Zhao Yunlan berates her as well, asking if she considered her grandmother’s feelings. But Li Qian breaks down crying, saying she doesn’t have a grandmother anymore.

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei take Li Qian to a hospital. The doctors says that she had a nervous breakdown and reveals that her grandmother had recently died from an overdose of sleeping pills. He also mentions that a year before, her grandmother had a stroke, but although no one thought she would recover, she miraculously did. Unfortunately, although she lived, she had dementia.

On the way out of the hospital, Zhao Yunlan asks Shen Wei if he is married and says he must have a girlfriend at least. Shen Wei tells him that he was born and raised on the east side of Dragon City and that he is 32 years old. He is a postgraduate with a PhD from the university.

Zhao Yunlan asks what progress Shen Wei has made on decoding Dixing genes, but Shen Wei deflects. Zhao Yunlan then asks if Shen Wei be open with him, and Shen Wei replies that he will, as long as it is not against his principles and he won’t be treated like a criminal.

Zhao Yunlan says he’ll treat Shen Wei to lunch after they close the case. Shen Wei protests, saying it should be his treat, and Zhao Yunlan quickly agrees to that plan.

Back at the SID headquarters, Lin Jing, Zhu Hong, and Wang Zheng are all watching the video that Lin Jing took of the Black Cloak Envoy. Lin Jing says that the Black Cloak Envoy is supposed to be ruthless, but he was surprisingly lenient toward Zhao Yunlan. Chu Shuzhi arrives at that moment and says that the Black Cloak Envoy is a hero and not fodder for gossip. Lin Jing promises to delete the video to placate Chu Shuzhi.

Guo Changcheng appears, and Zhao Yunlan sends him to the hospital with Da Qing to guard Li Qian and comfort her if necessary. There, they meet Shen Wei, who brings food for Li Qian. Shen Wei talks to Guo Changcheng about Zhao Yunlan, and Da Qing wonders why Shen Wei is so concerned about Zhao Yunlan. He decides he better immediately inform Zhao Yunlan. Xiao Guo clumsily attempts to comfort Li Qian.

At SID headquarters, Zhao Yunlan, and Zhu Hong are watching what’s going on in Li Qian’s room through a surveillance video feed that Lin Jing hacked. When they see that Li Qian is wearing a pendant, they realize that it is the Longevity Dial, one of the four Holy Tools, or Hallows. They conclude that Li Qian prolonged her grandmother’s life with the Dial. At that moment, alarms start blaring in the hospital, and Lin Jing says that someone with abnormal life signs just walked into the building. Zhao Yunlan curses and runs off to the hospital.

At the hospital, the man that Zhu Jiu spoke to earlier is walking down the hallway. He uses dark energy to toss away the guard who tries to stop him. Guo Changcheng runs out and confronts the Dixingren, but is swept aside. Shen Wei makes sure nobody sees when he confronts the Dixingren himself, summoning his own dark energy and forcing him from the room. Zhao Yunlan arrives and prioritizes Shen Wei's wellbeing over chasing the Dixingren.

The Dixingren encounters Chu Shuzhi, who puts up a force field to stop him. The man calls Chu Shuzhi the “Puppet Master of the Chu,” and says he had heard of him in Dixing. Chu Shuzhi tries to capture him, but the man can escape. Zhu Jiu appears later to threaten him if he fails his mission again.

Zhao Yunlan and Zhu Hong question Li Qian at the hospital. Zhu Hong tells her that they know about the Longevity Dial. Li Qian doesn’t want to part with it because her grandmother gave it to her. She says that as she was begging for her grandmother’s life, the Longevity Dial activated and used some of Li Qian’s life force to heal her grandmother.

Li Qian asks Shen Wei what he would do if someone he loved were dying in front of him. Shen Wei replies that he would be willing to exchange his life for theirs.

Zhao Yunlan is driving Li Qian to SID headquarters in the jeep, with Shen Wei in the passenger seat. The Dixingren suddenly appears on the road in front of them, and Zhao Yunlan slams on the brakes. The Dixingren pulls Li Qian out of the jeep and throws her on the road. Zhao Yunlan leaps out, but before he can get to her, the Longevity Dial activates. An image of Li Qian’s grandmother appears in between her and the Dixingren, protecting her.

Before the Dixingren can attack again, the Black Cloak Envoy appears and teleports away with the Dixingren. As Zhao Yunlan helps Li Qian up, Shen Wei clambers out of the jeep.

In a flashback, we learn that Li Qian's grandmother committed suicide with sleeping pills

Back at SID headquarters, the team discuss the Longevity Dial, wondering exactly how it works and what to do with it. They decide to summon the Black Cloak Envoy, who appears in a wave of fog and flickering lights. The Black Cloak Envoy says that some of Li Qian’s grandmother’s residual energy must have been hiding in the dial and that he has never heard of that happening before.

The Black Cloak Envoy explains that he doesn’t understand all of the Hallows’ powers, but he is afraid of the consequences of using them. All he knows is that after the war ten thousand years before, the Hallows were scattered, and he wonders why one is turning up now.

In the next scene, we see the Black Cloak Envoy waiting in an empty garden, until Chu Shuzhi arrives and reports to him.

The Black Cloak Envoy assumes there must be a mastermind behind all the attempts to steal the Dial from Li Qian. He does not trust Dixing anymore, calling it a 'prison of torment,' and thus decided to leave the Dial at SID where it can be protected behind the anti-Dixingren shield. Chu Shuzhi kneels and says that he owes his life to the Black Cloak Envoy and will not hesitate to sacrifice that life for him in an attempt to find the mastermind behind the plots.

Back at SID headquarters, Lin Jing is studying the Dial. He remarks that it has grown larger in size. Zhao Yunlan comes in and picks it up, and it suddenly activates.

We see Zhu Jiu in his hideaway. “SID?” he says, “How interesting.” He picks up another of the chess pieces and moves it forward.


Li Qian tries to commit suicide.

Zhao Yunlan tries to feel out Shen Wei.

First time Shen Wei shows his power in plainclothes [20:00]



Zhao Yunlan about Shen Wei: "What a way to concede in order to gain the advantage."

Da Qing about Zhao Yunlan: "Meow it. Why do we have this kind of leader?"

Chu Shuzhi: "Hei Pao Shi is our hero. He is not fodder for gossip."

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