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"Rape revenge plotline"

More students are murdered at Dragon City University, and all of them were in the same class.

Zhao Yunlan has a cold and sneezes all over Shen Wei's office, wondering how he's connected to their case this time.


At the beginning of the episode, a murder victim is discovered at Dragon City University. Zhao Yunlan and his team investigate the murder.

They find out that the victim (Zhang Hao) was a student of Shen Wei's colleague, Zhang Ruonan, from her class 'Engineering 4'. Next to his unnaturally aged body, a stone with the Roman numeral III is found.

First, they interrogate the class representative (Liu Yadong), who tells them who the victim's best friend was: his name is Wang Ziqiang, and he is also a student in Engineering 4. Zhao Yunlan sends Chu Shuzhi to investigate him ("nicely").

Zhao Yunlan and Guo Changcheng go to the hospital to get some cold medication for Zhao Yunlan, where they come across Wang Yike and note that she is wearing gloves. They suspect her of being DIxingren, because her medical history reveals that she is getting medicine but has never had a physical exam.

The class representative tells Zhao Yunlan that Wang Yike is also in their class and that she always wears gloves.

That night, Zhao Yunlan orders Da Qing to keep watch over Wang Ziqiang, the first victim's friend. But Da Qing falls asleep, and the next morning the student is dead. A stone with the numeral II is found next to his body.

After the second death of a student in her class, the SID team interrogates Zhang Ruonan. She tells them that she was going to fail three students, and that they "played a trick on her" because of it. It is not shown but heavily implied that the three students raped her. (Wang Yike says, "They robbed you of your innocence.")

At the start of the interrogation, they see Wang Yike with Zhang Ruonan, but she is just leaving as the SID team turns up. After the interrogation, they task the class representative with taking Zhang Ruonan home. After looking at the class roster, Zhao Yunlan realizes that the third person to fail the class is the class representative, and he rushes to Zhang Ruonan's office, where Liu Yadong is already begging for his life.

Wang Yike shows up and kills him by taking off her gloves and touching him. Zhao Yunlan is slightly too late, and his attempt to stop Wang Yike from fleeing is thwarted by Zhang Ruonan, who bodily throws herself at Zhao Yunlan. Zhang Ruonan then confesses to all three murders.

In a flashback, we see Wang Yike bring Zhang Ruonan flowers, but she accidentally sucks the life from them before she can hand them over. Zhang Ruonan gives Wang Yike the idea to wear gloves to protect everyone from her life-sucking/aging power.

Wang Yike calls Zhang Ruonan while the SID team are present, telling her that she needs to kill a fourth person. Lin Jing tracks her phone to Dragon City University, and Zhao Yunlan deduces that Shen Wei must be the intended fourth victim.

Wang Yike starts throttling Shen Wei, and soon after, Zhao Yunlan shows up. Chu Shuzhi uses his puppet strings to pull Wang Yike away from Shen Wei, making her fall down, while Shen Wei pretends to be hurt. Zhang Ruonan rushes in and in her worry, grasps Wang Yike's hands. Since Wang Yike is not wearing her gloves at this time, she accidentally ages Zhang Ruonan.

Wang Yike does not know how to undo what she did. The SID team debate whether to save her using the Longevity Dial, but in the end decide against it. Shen Wei is very affected by his colleague's plight. He stealthily touches her shoulder and heals her enough to keep her from dying.

It is mentioned that the Black Cloaked Envoy has taken Wang Yike to Dixing to atone for her crimes.

We see in a flashback that Shen Wei did not, in fact, take Wang Yike to Dixing, but he let her reunite with Zhang Ruonan. The two send him a picture he took of them, with "Thank you" written on the back. He smiles at it, but then immediately burns the evidence.

The last three minutes of the episode are spent setting up the next case: Lin Jing dreams of a woman without a face, Chu Shuzhi and Zhu Hong patrol the city in search of a suspect, and Shen Wei does the same, in search of the Mountain-River Awl. When he finds a woman who looks like she has been attacked, the two SID members run into him and arrest him.


Everyone at school loves Shen Wei [3:03]

Shen Wei tries to gift his cake to Zhang Ruonan. [7:00]

Zhao Yunlan sneezes all over Shen Wei’s fishtank and eats his cake [7:33]

Zhao Yunlan introduces himself as Shen Wei’s good friend [9:40]

Why are there two corpses? Because Guo Changcheng fainted at the scene [19:43]

Wang Yike attacks Shen Wei [29:48]

Shen Wei saves Zhang Ruonan [34:14]

Shen Wei gets caught at the scene of the next crime [41:30]


Shen Wei's colleague. Potentially stealth lesbians with Wang Yike.

  • 张皓 Zhang Hao Zhāng Hào (骆德何 Luo Dehe)

One of the rapist dudes. First to die.

  • 王子强 Wang Ziqiang Wáng Zǐqiáng (贾东东 Jia Dongdong)

One of the rapist dudes. Next to die.

  • 刘亚东 Liu Yadong Liú Yàdōng (欧阳明昊 Ouyang Minghao)

One of the rapist dudes. Last to die. Engineering 4 class rep.

  • 王一珂 Wang Yike Wáng Yīkē (陈韵好 Chen Yunhao)

Dixingian student from ep 3 with the touch of death. Potentially stealth lesbians with Zhang Ruonan.


Zhao Yunlan: Shen laoshi is skilled in studying all types of living things, just lacking in the study of humans?

Shen Wei: Will seeing through people really lessen the hurt and disappointment? A lot of tragedies, were destined from the beginning.