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Face-stealing plotline


Due to Zhu Jiu's machinations, Shen Wei is apprehended at a crime scene and interrogated by the SID. He is believed innocent, but asks to be allowed to join the investigation.

The case is about a serial killer who leaves behind faceless corpses. They keep running into a young man, who is playing vigilante, trying to catch the killer himself.


The SID team find Shen Wei standing next to the victim of a crime - he cannot run because dark energy is keeping him rooted to the ground - and they arrest him. Chu Shuzhi and Zhu Hong also find someone, but consider him harmless and let him go.

Zhu Hong is the first to interrogate Shen Wei, but he doesn't answer her questions, instead insulting her as either "putting on an act" or not being "fully evolved". Shen Wei notes that members of the Snake Tribe generally "excel at pharmaceuticals, stealth, hypnosis, and instant explosions".

Chu Shuzhi - and his puppet - take over the interrogation. He obliquely insults Shen Wei by first attesting him "nerves of steel" and "confidence and composure", which remind him of someone he knows (i.e. the Black-Cloaked Envoy), but then adding that Shen Wei is not in the same league. Chu Shuzhi is either lying very convincingly or does not know that Shen Wei is the Black-Cloaked Envoy.

Zhao Yunlan interrogates Shen Wei last. He directly asks him whether he is involved in the recent murder cases, and when Shen Wei immediately denies any involvement, they let him go.

Chu Shuzhi is remote-monitoring the victim's hospital room, and Lin Yusen triggers his alarm. He seems to be trying to play vigilante, telling them that a girl he had a crush on was attacked. They warn him off the case, but let him take them to the forest where the girl was attacked.

On the way to the forest, Lin Yusen and Zhao Yunlan meet Shen Wei, who asks to join them, claiming to be worried as long as a vile criminal is on the loose. In the forest, they meet a frightened Zhang Danni. She is running from a man, who Lin Yusen recognizes as the attacker. The man gets away, and Zhao Yunlan makes another speech to warn Lin Yusen off the case.

Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan talk to Zhang Danni, but her recount of the attack does not convince them, and they think she is lying. Shen Wei remembers that there was blood at the crime scene, but none on Zhang Danni. In his mind, Zhao Yunlan compares these inconsistencies to all the illogical things he has witnessed Shen Wei do so far (falling off a roof unharmed, being impervious to Wang Yike's power, looking like he is bleeding but saying he isn't).

Because Zhang Danni claims to be frightened of another attack, they have Guo Changcheng escort her home. She tries to seduce him on the way, seemingly not frightened at all.

At home, she talks to her friend, Jia Hui, telling him that she is "very satisfied with \[her\] current face right now."

Zhu Hong is used as bait to lure out the attacker. She is wearing a red dress and waiting on a bench, while Chu Shuzhi and Da Qing are nearby, and Lin Jing is monitoring her from his desk.

Meanwhile, Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei have a moonlight stroll, where they talk about where Shen Wei got his beautiful name. He tells Zhao Yunlan that "someone very important gave \[him\] that name." They come to talk about parents, and Zhao Yunlan admits that his mother is dead. They find Lin Yusen again, hiding in the bushes. Shen Wei is again hobbled by dark energy. He talks to his unseen attacker, promising him that he will find him, but he has no opportunity to use his powers, since Zhao Yunlan is nearby. We see that the attacker is Zhu Jiu.

Lin Yusen is still playing vigilante, setting traps in the forest, and Zhao Yunlan chides him and orders him to clear them away. In an effort to seem harmless, Shen Wei pricks his finger on one of the traps on purpose. Zhao Yunlan immediately offers to take him to the hospital. (But that never happens, because Shen Wei simply leaves unnoticed.)

In the meantime, Zhu Hong is kidnapped, while her colleagues are distracted by a recording of a woman screaming.

Zhao Yunlan and Lin Yusen walk back to the SID, and Zhao Yunlan warns Lin Yusen again, but offers him an internship at the SID if he stops dreaming and gets serious about his future. Once at the SID, he finds out that Zhu Hong was kidnapped, but she is wearing a tracker made by Lin Jing.

Chu Shuzhi, Zhao Yunlan and Guo Changcheng rush to Zhang Danni and Jia Hui's apartment, where all they find is a dead person in the closet. She has no face, but her papers say she is Zhang Danni. They realize that the person everyone thought was Zhang Danni is really a Dixingren who stole Zhang Danni's face and identity.

Zhu Hong is tied to a pillar, and Jia Hui tells her all about how he keeps stealing faces for his friend, because she likes to have new faces. Even though he drugged her, Zhu Hong manages to free herself using her Snake powers. When she runs outside, the other three see her, and Chu Shuzhi fights Jia Hui. When he tries to run, Guo Changcheng stops him by blocking his way, completely unarmed.

Shen Wei walks the streets of Dragon City, looking for his enemy. They threaten each other, and Shen Wei flings dark energy around, but doesn't hit anything. Zhu Jiu tells him he "left a little surprise for the SID."

On the way home in Zhao Yunlan's car, Guo Changcheng, Chu Shuzhi, and an unconscious Jia Hui come across a cloud of green fog. It paralyses Chu Shuzhi - he says it only affects Dixingren - and the Dixingren wearing Zhang Danni's face appears. She has an unconscious Da Qing with her, promising to return him to them if they give her Jia Hui. She tells them about how the two of them met, and how they work together, and that he always steals faces for her. She also admits that she doesn't need new faces all the time, but that the world owes her all the pretty faces, because the world is only focused on beauty.

Chu Shuzhi recovers enough to pull Da Qing away from her, and Jia Hui wakes up and makes his way over to her instead. At that moment, Lin Yusen runs up with a molotov cocktail and all three of them explode. The explosion is contained by a shield cast by the Black-Cloaked Envoy, who seems to have appeared about a minute too late. Zhao Yunlan is angry at him for that. The Black-Cloaked Envoy takes all three bodies with him, arguing that Lin Yusen is not Dixingren, but still needs to answer for his crime against Dixingren.

In the last scene, The Black-Cloaked Envoy explains to Chu Shuzhi that this wasn't the reason at all. He tells him that something was wrong with Lin Yusen's body - there was some dark energy inside him, and the combination of Haixing and Dixing (light and dark) energies made his body explode when he died.


Shen Wei is interrogated (2:50)

Shen Wei butts in on the case and is attacked (10:30)

Zhao Yunlan gets suspicious of Shen Wei (15:45)

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei have a nighttime stroll (19:45)

The Black Cloak Envoy explains the dangerous energy incompatibility between humans and Dixingren (40:33)


Vigilante human from ep 4 who wanted to avenge his girlfriend and ended up going kaboom.

  • 小燕 xiao-Yan xiǎo-Yàn

Girl Lin Yusen had a crush on. One of the face-stealer's victims.

  • 张丹妮 Zhang Danni Zhāng Dānnī (周婷 Zhou Ting)

Dixingian from ep 4 who wanted to steal all the pretty faces/one of the victims, whose identity the Dixingian assumed.

  • 家辉 Jia Hui Jiā Huī (李严 Li Yan)

Dixingian from ep 4 who steals pretty faces for Zhang Danni.


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