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This page contains spoilers through the end of the series. Disclaimer: All the information here is based on the subtitles.


The team tries to fix Zhao Yunlan’s blindness.

Start of miracle doctor arc.

Zhao Yunlan learns about Kun Lun.

Shen Wei gets handsy.


Goes here.


  • Zhao Yunlan knows Shen Wei’s schedule better than he does and Doctor Chen ships it hard (3:35)
  • Zhao Yunlan has an actual conversation with his father (13:51)
  • Zhao Yunlan has a vision and walks into traffic (18:20)
  • Shen Wei fusses over Zhao Yunlan and gets a blast from the past (20:10)
  • Zhao Yunlan calls Shen Wei ‘Xiao Wei’ and breaks his brain (30:40)
  • The team reveals they know who Shen Wei is (37:35)