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Extra One

Extra one takes place just over a week after the end of the novel. Foxghost's translation can be found here .

Zhao Yunlan is working in his office and is interrupted by Lin Jing , who is very excited by Zhao Yunlan’s newly-revealed godly status as the human incarnation of Kunlun and takes a photo of him to check if he shows up on film - he does. Zhu Hong then comes in and asks him if he’ll be returning to Kunlun mountain, and he confirms he’s going to stay in Dragon City. Then Chu Shuzhi interrupts him, and they discuss how Guo Changcheng ’s merit is keeping the Guardian lantern burning.

Finally, Shen Wei arrives and apologises to Zhao Yunlan, but Zhao Yunlan is still angry with him for changing his memories and acts coldly towards him. Guo Changcheng inadvertently gives away to Shen Wei that Zhao Yunlan watched over Shen Wei’s bedside for a week while he was in a coma, following the events of the final chapter. The rest of SID leave and Shen Wei kneels to Zhao Yunlan in apology; they sit on the floor together and Zhao Yunlan softens towards him and lets him hold him. They leave together.