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Guardian (镇魂 Zhèn Hún) is a Chinese drama with 40 episodes which first aired on June 13, 2018 on youku[1] and is officially available on youtube[2] for audiences outside of Mainland China. It is based on the Boys' Love web novel 'Zhen Hun'[3] by Priest. It stars Zhu Yilong as Shen Wei and Bai Yu as Zhao Yunlan.

The information in this wiki concentrates on the web drama. There is some limited information about the novel, but it is kept in separate Novel pages.

In the drama, Zhao Yunlan is the head of the Special Investigations Department, a police department dealing with crimes committed by Dixingren, an alien race living underground. Shen Wei is a Dixingren with a lot of secrets.

In the novel, Zhao Yunlan is the Guardian, responsible for relations with the Underworld, and Shen Wei is the Ghost King, who has has been keeping watch over Zhao Yunlan for thousands of years without ever meeting him, until their paths inadvertently cross (again).

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