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This page may contain spoilers for the whole novel.

Quotes are taken from the Wattpad translation by RainbowSe7en.

Guo Changcheng is an intern with the SIU in Dragon City. He starts his internship at the start of the novel, the first chapter is narrated from his point of view.

He is introverted, timid, lacks self-esteem, and he has never held a job before. He is easily scared, avoids making phone calls, and stutters when embarrassed, which is quite often.

He is often treated badly by the other characters, but he has a good heart.

Physical Appearance[]

Guo Changcheng is described in chapter 1 as having mediocre looks. His hair is a bit on the long side, hanging into his eyes.

In chapter 3, he is described from Zhao Yunlan's point of view as rather shabby-looking: 'hunched over, always looking down shamefully, his fringe almost covering both eyes, and dressed in all black'.


His parents died when he was young, and he was raised by relatives who helped him until he graduated from university. (chapter 1)

When he still didn't look for a job for one whole year, his uncle procured him a job with the SIU. (chapter 1)