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Li Qian is a bio-engineering student at Dragon City University. Shen Wei is her supervisor and she always helps him with his lectures [ep01]. They seem to have a good if not very close relationship: Shen Wei knows some details about her private life and expresses concerns about her well-being, she seeks his opinion [ep01], they have most likely shared lunch breaks together and she trusts and feels comfortable around him, even to show him her sundial pendant, which she always hides [ep01].

She lives with her grandmother and only family, Li Yufen, with whom she is very close, until her grandmother dies in/before Episode 02.

She is the owner of the Longevity Dial, a family heirloom she carries around her neck with a cord, and is therefore the target of Gao Tianyu (shadow man, one of Zhu Jiu's henchmen) [ep02, ep02]. She used it the previous year to help her grand-mother recover after she had a stroke, and realized afterwards that her grand-mother's new life came at the price of hers. Unfortunately Li Yufen developed dementia and, unable to deal with the stress and heartbreak anymore, a suicidal Li Qian left sleeping pills unattended in their apartment, thus causing her grand-mother's death [ep02, ep02].

Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei save her when she attempts suicide a few days after Li Yufen's death [ep02]. When Gao Tianyu makes another attempt on her life at the hospital she is helped by Shen Wei and Guo Changcheng. Later she is helped by Li Yufen's spirit through the Longevity Dial and by Shen Wei as the Black Cloak Envoy. [ep02]

She gives the Longevity Dial to Zhao Yunlan and it becomes SID property. [ep2]

During her time "off" to recover from the attacks and her grand-mother's passing, Li Qian quits her studies. Shen Wei learns about it from the Chancellor of the university, who, unlike him, considers this is a good thing. [ep6]

After giving biological samples to Professor Ouyang Zhen and Professor Zhou at the Seastar Administration Research Institute to help study the effect of the Longevity Dial on the body, she notices and corrects a mistake on the board and is offered a job there as a research assistant. She happily agrees. [ep22] [ep22]

After hearing about Zhao Yunlan's loss of sight she sends the SID an anonymous email explaining how to heal his eyes using the Longevity Dial [ep22, ep22]. Shen Wei successfully does so. [ep22]