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Guardian is a Chinese drama with 40 episodes which first aired on June 13, 2018 on youku[1] and is officially available on youtube [2] and viki[3] for audiences outside of Mainland China.

The drama's official name is 'Guardian' 镇魂 (镇 = zhèn "to guard, Guardian", 魂 = hún "Soul"). It is based on the novel of the same name.


Zhao Yunlan is the head of the Special Investigations Department, a police department dealing with crimes committed by Dixingren, an alien race living underground.

Shen Wei is a Dixingren with a lot of secrets.

They meet in the context of a case, and Zhao Yunlan is immediately intrigued by Shen Wei, who seems to turn up at all his crime scenes. Shen Wei in turn seems to know Zhao Yunlan from somewhere, too.

They embark on an adventure filled with mystical artifacts science and find love brotherhood on the convoluted way.


Main Characters[]


The drama is set in a fictional world that looks like contemporary China, in the fictional Dragon City.

The drama was shot at Shanghai Film Studios, and in one location in the mountains in Suzhou.


  1. Guardian Drama on YoukuNote that the youku version underwent a second round of censorship and does not contain a few scenes that are still available in the youtube version.
  2. Guardian Drama on YoutubeNote that the youtube version also underwent more censorship in May 2020, and some episodes now have out-of-sync subtitles. The cuts are different from the ones on youku, more on that here
  3. Guardian drama on viki