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About 镇魂丨Guardian[]

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Guardian is a Chinese m/m web novel with 106 chapters (plus 3 extras), written by Priest in 2012.

This wiki uses terminology coined by the translator, RainbowSe7en, except where those terms were changed in the translation of the novel by the subsequent translators/editors.


Zhao Yunlan is the Guardian, responsible for relations with the Underworld. He has founded and leads the Special Investigations Unit (SIU). He is bisexual and not shy about it.

Shen Wei is a powerful Underworld being, the Ghost Slayer, who has been keeping watch over all incarnations of Zhao Yunlan for thousands of years without ever meeting them, until their paths inadvertently cross (again).

They meet in the context of a supernatural SIU case, at the University of Dragon City, where Shen Wei teaches as a professor of Classic Chinese Literature. Zhao Yunlan is immediately intrigued and starts to shamelessly pursue Shen Wei.

The Four Mystical Artifacts[]

The story is divided into four arcs, each one deals with a mystical artifact:


In addition to the four mystical artifacts, there is an interlude recounting events from the "Primordial Past" and some extras:

Novel Links[]

a) Official Chinese Publication,

b) Zhen Hun in Simplified Chinese

c) Zhen Hun in Traditional Chinese

d) English translation on Google Drive

Translation is complete.

  • first 82 chapters translated by one translator
  • remaining chapters completed by a team of three translators
  • a compilation in a different format than google docs is in progress

Selected chapters have been independently translated by Dayadhvam (dtriad) on AO3.

Master list of other partial translations collected by Dayadhvam (dtriad) on tumblr.