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SIU stands for Special Investigations Unit

特别调查处 (特别 tèbié = special/particular/unusual, 调查 diàochá = investigation, 处 chù = office/department)


The offices of the SIU are located at No. 4 Bright Avenue (光明路4号), in Dragon City. (chapter 1)

Contrary to its name, it is 'not actually very bright, but rather hidden in a secluded courtyard'. The building number is hidden underneath Japanese ivy. The courtyard is lush with vegetation, 'Japanese pagoda trees forming a small grove'. (chapter 1)

A narrow path leads to a small reception hut, where receptionist Lao Wu works during the night, and a human receptionist (an 'old man [who] likes to make bone carvings') works during the day. The path then leads on to an old office building. (chapter 1, chapter 21)

The office has 'great natural lighting, each person has their own desk and desktop computer'. It is decorated with plants and air-conditioned. A cleaner comes in every day at 2pm to sweep. (chapter 21)

They have a pantry room with a fridge filled with snacks (including cat and snake food). (chapter 21)

Wang Zheng's office door has 'a giant sign that reads "Human Resources"', written in red letters on a white plane, the words look 'as if they were written with dried blood'. (chapter 1)


Zhao Yunlan, Lord Guardian, chief

Da Qing, cat, vice chief

Zhu Hong

Lin Jing, monk

Chu Shuzhi

Wang Zheng, Ghost, HR manager

Lao Wu, Ghost, receptionist

During the course of the novel, the following people become members as well:

Sang Zan, Ghost, librarian

Guo Changcheng, intern